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Model #311

Finished in nut brown hand applied sprit varnish, this professional quality instrument has subtle shading and light antiquing for a distinguished appearance. Underneath is a well contructed German cello, with seasoned European tonewoods and high quality ebony fittings. This instrument projects a huge sound that can fill a concert hall.  $6699


Model #303

This a beautiful cello with a huge sound.  Made in Germany by experienced luthiers, this cello constantly impresses with its clean and consistent workmanship. Seasoned European tonewoods, high waulity ebony and a rich reddish brown hand applied sprit varnish add up to a professional quality instrument at a reasonable price. $4400

500C Chaconne.jpg
by Maple Leaf 

Inspired by the Italian classics, the Chaconne is marked by its fine attention to detail and well balanced tone.  It also features a fully hand-carved medium figure Grade AA seasoned spruce top and flamed curly maple back that has been dried for 4-5 years. #2499

GENIAL by Gliga Romania

Hand made with European tonewoods and old world craftmanship, this cello is lightly  flamed and set up professionally with ebony fittings at an affordable price. $1799


The Core Conservatory instruments help musicians take their playing to the next level. The carved spruce top imparts a focused yet sweet quality. The luthiers spend more time in carving and shaping the plates for improved acoustic response. Well-aged maple back & sides. Ebony pegs, endpin, Despiau ''C'' level French bridge, composite tailpiece with integrated tuners, and Kaplan strings. Professionally adjusted and ready to play. $Call

Hybrid Cello
HYBRID cello by ArcoArt 

The best of both worlds. This cello has a carved spruce top with strong laminted back and sides.  Also features ebony pegs and fingerboard.  $997

Juzek Laminate.jpg

This is the perfect choice for the advancing student on a budget.  Handcrafted in Shanghi, it features quality tonewoods,all Ebony fittings, composite tailpiece with four adjusters, and Professionally set up with D'Addario Prelude strings. $799

Oxford Cello.jpg
Oxford Student Cello 

The perfect instrument for your beginner, this cello outfit includes, soft cover, bow, and rosin. Good quality ebony pegs, composite tailpiece with four adjusters, and set up with D'Addario Prelude strings. Professionally adjusted 1/4-4/4 size $599

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